Life is overwhelming! 

Have you ever asked yourself “How can I?”


  • Get all my work done early and have more free time.
  • Stop procrastinating for good and feel good about my accomplishments
  • Sort through all the ideas in you head to come up decisions that feel right
  • Stop obsessing over thoughts and just focus.
  • Turn my brain off and just relax.


Then you are in luck because you have come to the right place.

 This site is about real strategies not the vague filler crap advice like “work smarter not harder” “you have to want it” and other motivational quotes that don’t do anything.

 Modern self help and motivation does not work.  It doesn’t create lasting change nor is it conducive to happiness, optimal performance and a rich life.

 This information will show you how.

 Here’s how Evolved Alpha Mind will help YOU get ahead in life and work.

 You were born with the most advanced sophisticated hardware on earth, the 3 pound fleshy computing machine that sits inside of us all..  the human brain.

 The funny thing is we go to school for a such significant part of our life but NONE of it teaches us how to use our brain and mind to its fullest potential to:

  • Understand ourselves and other people
  • Manage our emotions
  • Make better Decisions
  • Relax
  • Focus
  • Most of all be happy and live a rich life!

Evolved Alpha Mind is about breaking down the complicated science, data and research into tried and true systems that you can implement today.

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